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Cybercrime – The Evolution of Robbery in Nigeria

Cybercrime – The Evolution of Robbery in Nigeria

Make no mistake; the nation’s (Nigeria) crime rate has not reduced. This is especially seeing how we now have to deal with increased cases of Kidnapping, Religious-induced violence, and so many more criminal cases. While I have nothing personal against the current administration, it is just so obvious that things have become worse with them at the helm of affairs.

But despite the soaring crime stats, anyone that has followed the trajectory closely would realize that armed robbery in particular has reduced drastically. The rate at which these criminals show up armed; forcefully taking away people’s goods and even lives, has reduced.

Just so you understand how bad things were, there were times in this country when armed robbers would write letters to communities ahead of time. These letters would tell the specific date of their operation and how members of the community needed to be prepared for their arrival. Well, the truth is that it is not as bad as it once was

So, that begs the question “has armed robbery reduced?”. The truth is that it has not reduced. It has only just evolved into something that many people in society have no problems with. In clear terms, armed robbery has now evolved into cybercrime.

Many of the people who would have turned out as armed robbers now see cybercrime as an easier and more rewarding way to rob people of their assets. So, they now use deceptive tactics to rob people rather than using arms.

The sad thing is that many people are now fine with this arrangement because they are not directly affected.

I for one detest cybercrime for several reasons. Amongst other reasons, I understand cybercrime paints Nigerian society in a bad light and we all need to refuse to accept it. What is more annoying is that the number of people that see very little or nothing wrong with this criminal act is increasing. How about knowing that some religious leaders pray for such people?

There have even been reports of law enforcement agents getting settled by these men of the underworld. Such acts do more harm than good to society and we all must be committed to putting an end to such.

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