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Dating Your Friend’s Sibling

Dating Your Friend’s Sibling

While watching Georgia and Ginny, a popular Netflix title, Sophie was annoyed at her best friend for having sex with her brother and somehow I couldn’t comprehend the annoyance. I couldn’t relate. Maybe it’s just me but I try to understand why do people really have a problem with their friends wanting to date their sibling? Is this some sort of friendship code? I asked the question on social media and got some pretty interesting responses.

For Feyi (not real name), no friend of hers should date her siblings because it changes the dynamic of their friendships,

“how can I be gisting with my friend and next thing they’re telling you how they were intimate with your sibling or if they quarrel in the relationship or they break up, friendship have scattered?


For some guys, it was stated that it is against the bro code, one went further by stating that dogs don’t eat dogs and I asked, “Does it mean your sibling or your friend is a dog?” Because I honestly did not understand the analogy.

Another, let’s call him Nathan, said he really didn’t have a problem with it, he would only object if he knows the friend isn’t good for his sibling or if his sibling wasn’t good for his friend. He went further to say,

Low key I believe people just know though they don’t want to come to terms with the fact that they have or had poor choices of friends (not financially poor now oh, I’m talking values and morals and beliefs) or if my guy no too get money because it’s not you, a struggling guy you want to hand your sister over to…. Your guy you borrowed 10k last week wan date your sister?” and I somewhat agreed with him.

One time I had a friend who was interested in my brother and she told me. As a sure love fanatic, I told my brother and they dated. It didn’t seem like a big deal to me. I believe it boils to a lot of things really, I wouldn’t want to pitch my siblings with someone who has a questionable character and at best I’ll just give advice and hope they use their head and heart. They’re adults and if they decide to go ahead, there’s not much you can do.

I also don’t think people like the idea of finding out their friend and siblings were secretly dating. When this happens, it creates feelings of betrayal and may eventually destroy the friendship and affect your relationship with your siblings. At best if you oppose it, it shouldn’t be based on vague reasons like bro codes and what’s not.

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