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So, you killed your co-wife?

So, you killed your co-wife?

So, you killed your co-wife?

Are you happy now?

And you got caught. And have confessed to the crime.

If you have not been caught, would you have ever confessed to the crime?

Would you eventually fill some form of guilt for taking an innocent soul? For causing such pain to her family? Her mother?

Would you have come forward for justice to be served?

Do you even think that what you did is wrong?

Who are you going to blame for pushing you to commit this horrible act? 

I have the answer to that. 

YOU. Only You. 

You left your house and went to your co-wife’s house uninvited. Why?

Ladies do not let your husband put you in the same town as your co-wife. In fact, do not let her come to your home univited. I know it sounds cruel but it better to be alive that killed or burnt by fire or acid. This is not to say that she can’t arrange for acid to poured on you while you walk down the street.

Okay, he wanted to take her to Umrah (Lesser Hajj). Did you ask to be taken to Umrah and he declined?

Let us assume that he declined. Were you supposed to vent on your co-wife?

She was not sponsoring herself to Umrah….

Did it warrant you going as far as killing her?

Now that you did killed her, did you get to go to Umrah or receive the reward equivalent of going for Umrah?

You are now in prison for reasons that would most likely relative to not wanting to share the man. Are you sure you even have the man anymore? Is your marriage still intact? Not a lot of people want to be associated with a murderer. Will you ever get out of prison? The world is especially cruel to women. What about your child? Have you thought about what your actions will do to him?

If you can’t live with a co-wife, why not leave? I keep telling people that Maryam Sanda may have been the aggrieved party but we will never know because she allowed her anger to get the worse of her. 

Why take a life and have a sin written against your name? 

Knife, Stabbing, Stab, Kill, Murder, Man, Murderer

You are Muslim and your religion has allowed divorce. You can’t stop your husband from taking another wife as long as he has met the requirements to have more than one spouse. 

If the religion was followed to the letter, not what we are currently practicing which tilts to the side of men, we would have considerably better marriages.

I know that some women want to avoid this conversation. They are entitled to do as they please. I believe women should speak up and demand for the right laws to be applied. I look forward to the day we can have conversations around the role that parents play in pushing girls into situations which leave miserable or dead just all in the name of wanting your daughter to be married. 

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