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Davido’s Cousin, Sina Rambo and Wife Split.

Davido’s Cousin, Sina Rambo and Wife Split.

Some marriages are only perfect in pictures. Davido’s Cousin Adesina Adeleke, son of the newly elected Osun state Governor, Popularly known as Sina Rambo, and his wife, Korth have separated.

Korth exposed several ills going on in their marriage, as she called him and his sister out for violence. She also accused Adesina of owing her after he borrowed money from her, she also shared proof, by showing the receipt of the money she sent him 

Sharing a receipt of the money she sent to him, Korth wrote, “Later they will say Adeleke is my only achievement. Sina pay me the money you owe me from America and Nigeria. Beg beg. How many people do you have to fight with over bills? Or until them jack you for neck again like it just happened.”

 She accused him of being inconsiderate as she still had to do chores three days after a cesarean section

In a series of posts, she wrote, “After having a caesarian section and him rushing me out the hospital because he couldn’t get no weed. I had COVID-19 in labor, after my CS.

“I left the hospital this n*gg* ain’t help with no chores! Three days after the cesarean (section), you told me to cook rice for you. You can’t even make tea yourself! SMH!

She also accused him of turning her into a nanny when she was pregnant, as she was always doing chores because he was too lazy to do anything

“During pregnancy, I was turned into a nanny! Nine months pregnant, (I was) bending and cleaning the house up and down because he can’t even pick up after himself. But truly, venting this now, I be mumu.

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She finally concluded that the marriage is over, and she only saying all this to inform the public about their crashed Marriage.

For y’all saying keep it private, the marriage is over and that’s why I am finally saying this. No, I will not succumb to abuse. I am not that girl, it’s enough.”

This Is quite unfortunate as both parties welcomed their child in May this year.

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