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DIY – How to care for your brows

DIY – How to care for your brows

The eyebrow is considered to be one of the special features of the face. It is considered special, but it is not well taken care of. 

Pretty sure you had no idea brows have their own needs. Or did you? How have you been caring for your brows? 

“Lydia, can you get my brows to be as fine in shape as yours? My eyebrows are not always in one accord”, I asked Lydia. We were at lekki, to usher at a wedding event. 

“Okay Zay”, she responded. She moved to pick up her eyebrow trimmers. I watched as she worked on my brow quickly, blowing out the hair as they fell. Admiring her sturdy hands, “well done Lydia I greeted”. 

“Have you not finished?”, I asked 10 mins later, getting impatient. “You are just removing the stubborn ones ooo, it’s taking too long”. 

“2 secs”, she said. 

She handed me a mirror to check and I internally screamed, because she removed all the hair on my brows but I had to smile and say thank you. I promised never to let anyone touch my brows, and I have been committed to that promise. 

The event passed by in a blur, I just wanted to get home. My friend had succeeded in making me look like a zombie, maybe not a total zombie. Imagine having no eyebrow?. My kid sis made a joke out of this until I got my hair back and I do not want to remember that memory anymore. 


The first step in learning how to take care of your eyebrows is knowing the right tools to use. 

The tools needed are: 

Eyebrow trimmers

Like the name entails, trimmers are used to cut out the hair that is out of line. To use a trimmer, you need to first brush your brows up, any hair that is above the line is your target. 

A trimmer looks like this:

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Eyebrow definers

Brow definers are also known as eye pencil and they are used to make the brows look darker and fuller than they seem. It is basically used to enhance the brows and make it look more beautiful. 

Eyebrow brush/spoolie

An eye brow brush is used to brush the brows, it is popularly known as mascara wand. You know that thing you use for your lashes? Yeah. It can be used to brush up the brows 

Eyebrow tweezers

Tweezers are used to pluck out the unwanted hair from the brows. You know that hair that just stands apart from the rest? Yes, that hair. A tweezer is used to pluck it out. 

Did you know? 

The average eyebrow holds about 250 hair

You can take care of your eyebrows by following these simple steps:

  1. The first step is exfoliating. It is possible for dirt and impurities to get trapped in the brows, this can cause acne or form an undergrowth. To exfoliate, mix a decent amount of olive oil and sugar and apply to the brows, this should be carried out in the shower like twice in a week. 
  2. Always brush your brows everyday, it helps stimulate hair growth. You can use a mascara wand to brush the hair. 
  3. Pluck out unwanted strands of hair by using the tweezers. Be careful while plucking. 
  4. Trim the hair using an eyebrow trimmer. Only removing hair that has grown out of line, helps to keep your brows in shape. 
  5. Apply castor oil to your brows and massage. Castor Oil has lots of health benefits and makes the hair thicker. 

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