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Eight (8) Signs To Note In Your Girlfriend That Suggests She Might Cheat On You

Eight (8) Signs To Note In Your Girlfriend That Suggests She Might Cheat On You

It is common knowledge that men cheat more in relationships and marriages. However, in this 21st century, women are closing in on men on this cheating thing. More so,  it’s usually very easy to catch a cheating man than a cheating woman because men naturally cannot focus on two things at the same time with equal interest and attention, which makes them very suspicious and open when cheating. On the other hand, the ball game is different for a woman because naturally she can handle more than one thing at the same and do it well. I mean, a woman can be dating three guys and none of them would suspect being played on because she’s playing her cards so well.  

Generally,  it’s usually difficult to catch a woman cheating but the following trait or sign would help you detect if she’s cheating or might later cheat on you.  They are :

1. Materialism:

 If she’s materialistic she would cheat or better still tend to cheat.  If she only smiles and shows you love when you get her gifts or money she’s materialistic.  The problem with materialistic ladies is that they are seasonal people, they would only stick with you as long as your financial milk keeps running and the day it stops they ditch you. If a lady is materialistic the chances she would cheat is very high because if she is in your life because of your money when your evil day comes, you get to see them with another man.  Guys! listen, a lady who loves material things so much does not love you.  They may fall in love with your money or the men in the naira note but not you. The sad reality is, if she is with you because of the ice cream you bought her, the day another guy comes and buys her the whole shop, she would leave you.

2. Comparison To Other Guys

If she’s always complaining and constantly comparing you to others guys out there, she might cheat on you. Ladies like this do have the entitlement mindset and whatever you do for them is never enough. 

3. Attention Seeker

If she’s the type that always wants to be seeing you 24/7 and always calling you, she might cheat when she’s not getting the attention. Though attention is good for ladies, yet wanting too much of it from a   man might leave a lady vulnerable to cheating when she gets it in quantity from another guy.

4 Bad Friends:

 If her set of friends is the bad ones who are never committed to any loving relationship but are busy sleeping around with guys, guess what?  She might do the same to you because obviously when you guys have a quarrel or a misunderstanding she would turn to these friends for advice and you do know what the outcome would be. 

5 Emotionally Fragile

If she’s emotionally fragile and can be easily influenced, she might cheat on you. Some ladies are so amorous that they can develop feelings or fall in love with just any guy who appeals to their soft spots. The slightest pressure from guys or their friends can get them to easily compromise.

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6. Sexual Urges

If she has a high sex drive or hardly gets satisfied sexually, she might cheat on you in a bid to get the satisfaction she craves for. There are a lot of guys who ladies are dating because they’re good in bed not because they love them. 

7. Background:

 If she comes from a background of cheaters, where either her mom, dad, or siblings were cheating, that too can influence her choices to cheat. Studies have shown that girls who didn’t grow up with a father usually grow up looking for a father in every man.

8. Relationship With Ex

If she’s still contacting and talking to her ex, she might cheat on you.  We have heard volumes of cases where ladies go back to sleeping with their ex usually after close contact with them.

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