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2023 Elections: 3 Qualities Expected Of The Next Presidency.

2023 Elections: 3 Qualities Expected Of The Next Presidency.

If an internet survey were taken in Africa’s most populous nation, I doubt 99.9 percent would be content with the sort of leadership they have gotten from their current and previous rulers.

The 2023 election is rapidly approaching, and this essay will outline three things Nigerians anticipate from the next president.

Education A Priority: 

The globe is moving quickly to completely embrace 5G. Sometimes I worry about what would happen if there was no education on the earth.

The Western world has progressed because its leaders have made it a major priority. In Nigeria, however, the educational system has been abandoned to the point that universities are on strike and politicians are busy purchasing forms.

Most people don’t think about school again since they will attend a university at the age of 17 to study for four years. Unfortunately, due to the incessant ASUU strikes, the individual will graduate at the age of 25. The sad thing is that some students are more knowledgeable than the teachers. Due to underpayment, lecturers print out handouts and utilize them to demoralize students. Let us not even discuss tuition prices, which have caused many students to drop out. To be honest, Nigerians, particularly the young, who make up 90% of the voting population, want the future president to manage the educational sector as well as his health.

Excellent mediation skills: 

Every rational person in Nigeria understands that the only thing keeping the nation together is the might of God. The country’s eastern and western regions each want to go their own way. If the next president does not summon their leaders to the table for a peaceful dialogue, we may lose the nation we love.

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Tackle unemployment: 

It is one thing to be educated, and quite another to be employed. Every year, thousands of Nigerians graduate, but where do they go to work? Unemployment in Nigeria is as mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle.

Just how can a country rich in raw materials have one of the world’s highest unemployment rates? Companies like Federal Character have helped many young people survive in this country, financially and emotionally. The mystery of Nigerian unemployment is not something that I feel is good for my mental health as a young writer. The next president must handle the issue of unemployment to ensure a crime-free country. An idle mind is the devil’s workbench.

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