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Everton to avoid relegation with win against Crystal Palace

Everton to avoid relegation with win against Crystal Palace

Frank Lampard and Everton can finally breathe a sigh of relief as the team has escaped relegation. 

Everton’s struggle to stay in the Premier League and avoid being relegated to the championship is settled by their win against Crystal Palace. This win put them in the 16th position with 39 points. 

Everton, Leeds, and Burnley are in a race to win their last matches to decide who stays in the Premier League. The win against Crystal Palace has given them an edge to qualify for the next season in the Premier League. Whoever stays in the 18th position of the Premier league table would be relegated to the championship and would lose a lot of money. 

Frank Lampard’s Everton won the match against Crystal Palace with a 3 – 2 scoreline giving Everton an advantage to stay in the Premier League. Crystal Palace had been leading the match with two goals in the first half and Everton came from behind to score three goals and turned the game around to their favor.

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Everton fans were so excited that they ran onto the pitch to celebrate this win 

The results of Burnley and Leeds matches on sunday will determine who would remain in the Premier league and who would be joining Watford and Norwich to be relegated to the championship.

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