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Premier League: Chelsea draws with Leichester

Premier League: Chelsea draws with Leichester

Chelsea has secured their third position on the league table with their draw against Leicester City. The fear of not being in this position was lessened when Arsenal lost their match against Newcastle thereby confirming Chelsea’s position as the third on the table. 

The Chelsea team had been slow in the match and had not delivered their best. They started not good but improved as the game went on and made the match end with a 1 – 1 scorelines. Their players had failed to convert many of their chances to goals. Chelsea is three points ahead of Tottenham on the table with a wide goal difference. 

Match Day 38 of 38, the last day of Premier league would determine a lot of the things for many clubs.  The last-day match would determine who would win the Premier League and who would be relegated to the championship. 

There is a one-point difference between Man City and Liverpool and both teams would have to win to secure the cup. 

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Leeds United and Burnley are however on the same point and the last day match would determine who would be in the 18th position and who would be relegated.

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