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Father Mbaka Should Face the Business of the Pulpit Squarely.

Father Mbaka Should Face the Business of the Pulpit Squarely.

For especially those stationed in the South Eastern part of this country, Father Mbaka needs little or even no introduction. He is the core voice behind the Adoration Ministry situated in Enugu and has used this platform to make remarks a lot of times.

Outside of biblical teachings, Father Mbaka has lent his voice to political matters and has huge followership, especially in the South-Eastern part of the country. It should be noted that the Clergyman campaigned so much for the current president of the country before he assumed the seat of office after failing 3 times.

Father Mbaka did this mostly by coming down hard on the then administration of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan. He painted the picture of a failed state under Jonathan’s administration and made remarks suggesting that the nation will be steered in the right direction under President Buhari.

Nigeria has Seen Darker Days under the Current Administration

Sadly but true, the country has seen worse days under the administration of the man Father Mbaka campaigned for. Insecurity, unemployment, inflation, tribalism, poverty, and even corruption have reached alarmingly high levels. The truth is that it is not looking any good, especially for the average Nigerian.

This is why many Nigerians are looking to the polls in 2023 and trying to make amends by voting for people capable and willing to change the nation’s narrative. Against this backdrop, a lot of Nigerians across the country have been speaking so highly of Peter Obi who is the aspirant of the Labour Party.

Although the Labour party does not come any close to the APC and PDP in terms of popularity, this has not affected the Peter Obi movement in any way. Many Nigerians think this former banker turned politician has proved his worth as a past governor in Anambra State. As a result, they believe that he can change the nation’s fortune for good.

Father Mbaka – One of the Reasons for Nigeria’s Current State

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Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, father Mbaka has recently come down hard on this presidential aspirant. This is by claiming he is a tight-fisted man and that Nigerians cannot trust the ruling of this nation to a man like him.

Well, it should be noted that people like Father Mbaka are the reason the country is in the state that it is. This is by making the masses, especially those in the southeast think that President Buhari was the man for the job. In other words, Father Mbaka has a track record that suggests his words cannot be taken seriously.

In light of this, it is strongly advised that Father Mbaka faces the business of the pulpit squarely and desists from making political remarks. In addition to this, the Catholic Church will do themselves a lot of good by calling the likes of Father Mbaka to order.

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