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Feels like I sampled true lust

Feels like I sampled true lust

“…it felt amazing, like sex within sex”

My big cuddly love introduced Frank Ocean and sex playlists to me, he played strawberry swing while he sucked on my toes then wrapped his 90kg heat around me. it felt amazing, like sex within sex, I have since tried to incorporate music into my sex life and I’m here to convert you.

Studies have shown that music induces dopamine which is the same “feel good” chemical that our brains release during sex or doing drugs it’s safe to say sex with music is a double dose of pleasure.

You know how listening to music in the gym aids your workout drive? Well, Music helps with improving our focus on the tasks we hope to achieve during physical exercise. Just think of the scenes when Miguel asks you to “arch your back point your toes” mid coitus.

Research has shown also that 18% of couples say the L word during sex and music, do with that information what you will.

As I did a little whine and grind to Odunsi The Engine’s Tipsy I treated my most recent Yoruba demon to a view of lace covered back, I was a woman on a mission, I wanted to set the mood for a night to remember, now I can’t listen to that song without longing(call me if you see this O), Music and sex together bring a whole other meaning to nostalgia, a song comes on and you’re transported to heat, horizontal positions, and heart pounding mouth dry orgasms, the downside to associating people and or moments in time to music is that they leave, my advice is find a new lover and make new better memories(when you figure out how to do this let me know)One should be allowed to choose the kind of music they want to get sexy to but there’s okay music and there’s better music for this activity, apparently there’s actual evidence that suggests that the body responds positively to Bass, so think RnB, Rock and Pop.

There’s the option of listening to already made sex playlists to be found on music streaming platforms unless you’re me and you like to be extra with your sex and make a playlist from scratch. My go to artists range from Ciara, Rihanna, Fireboy dml, Usher, Omarion, Jesse jagz, Wande Coal, the list is endless.I’d like to acknowledge that not including music in sexy times does not mean you aren’t having the best times, sex can be passionate without any aid from music, just think of music as sprinkles on icecream, the little extra you surprise your partner with on Anniversary night, baecation or birthdays. So, live a little and try a new thing and spread the gospel.

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