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FIFA orders NFF to pay Genort Rohr $380,000

FIFA orders NFF to pay Genort Rohr $380,000

The Nigeria Football Federation has been ordered by FIFA to pay Genort Rohr about $380,000 in compensation for breach of contract. 

 Genort Rohr, (68) is Nigeria’s longest serving foreign manager who was appointed in August 2016 and his contract with the Nigeria federation ended abruptly in December 2021. 

Genort Rohr

According to the contract, Genort Rohr was to work with NFF until December 2022. Rohr filed a complaint of $1m but was granted $377,879.86 after the FIFA tribunal decided that his claim was ‘partially acceptable”. FIFA gave NFF 45 days to pay in full the money or face disciplinary action from the board. 

“If full payment (including all applicable interest) is not made within 45 days of notification of this decision, the respondent [the NFF] shall be restricted from receiving a percentage of development funding, up until the due amounts are paid,” said FIFA.

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 NFF would not be appealing the decision.

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