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Flight To UK Diverted After Bomb Alarm.

Flight To UK Diverted After Bomb Alarm.

The EasyJet flight from Krakow in Poland flying to Bristol, United Kingdom was diverted to the Czech Republic after a ‘potential bomb’ was found on board the aircraft.

Prague Airport had reported the incident, saying that the low-cost airline EasyJet was forced to divert its route after a suspected Improvised Explosive Device (homemade bomb) was reported on board.

According to Daily Mail, EasyJet Flight 6276 had been diverted at 10:50 pm local time Sunday night and touched down safely in the Czech Republic capital after an hour into its two-and-a-half-hour flight.

Czech police had then sent pyrotechnicians to the scene to investigate and dispose of the suspicious device after which Prague Airport officials later announced that no dangerous object was found on the aircraft after the pyrotechnic inspection.

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EasyJet’s website had announced a follow-on flight for some passengers taking off from Prague shortly after 11 pm local time heading to Bristol and an additional second follow-on flight has already been scheduled to take off at 12.35 pm on Monday, December 5, and arrive in Bristol shortly after 1 pm local time.

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