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Former Presidential Candidate, Adamu Garba Resigns From Apc.

Former Presidential Candidate, Adamu Garba Resigns From Apc.

Adamu Garba released a statement signed on Wednesday 11th of May, 2022 stating his resignation from the All progressive congress political party.

He said he was resigning because the party had lost its moral bearing and are going against Democratic principles. He said the party now favors money and not competency and his belief in the future of Nigeria does not align with the party goals.

He also added that the party was doing worse than the PDP government that they had dethroned for its inefficiency.

“Moreover the party seems to encourage its enemies than its friends, favors its adversaries than its loyalists, hates the prospect of the new generation of leaders beyond just youth leadership seats…”

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He ends his statement by praying for the APC to recover its lost soul.

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