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Four Sentenced for Murder of Paraguayan Prosecutor in Colombia

Four Sentenced for Murder of Paraguayan Prosecutor in Colombia

Four people who confessed to being a part of the murder of Paraguayan prosecutor, Marcelo Pecci, have been sentenced to jail for twenty-three years and six months.

The 45 years old prosecutor was shot dead while on a honeymoon with his wife on the island of Baru in Colombia on the 10th of May, 2022.  

Colombian authorities had linked the murder to the Brazilian prison gang First Capital Command (PCC), a major exporter of cocaine. Also adding that the crime could have been connected to international drug trafficking and “radical terrorism”. Colombian attorney general Francisco Barbosa said in a press conference that the suspects had allegedly been paid $500,000 to murder the prosecutor.

The four suspects had taken a plea deal that reduced their sentence from forty-seven years to twenty-three years and six months. But other added benefits like serving any of the sentences at home were ruled out by the judge. The police authorities had also said that a fifth suspect had pleaded innocent to the crime while a sixth suspect was currently at large.

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The prosecutor, Marcelo Pecci, was married to Paraguayan journalist, Claudia Aguilera. The murder happened shortly after she had made public her pregnancy on her Instagram page. She told the authorities that two men had approached them while on the beach close to their hotel and her husband had been shot by one of the men.

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