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Gerrard Is the Perfect Man for Aston Villa- Glen Johnson

Gerrard Is the Perfect Man for Aston Villa- Glen Johnson

Glen Johnson has reiterated that he believes that Gerrard Steven can revive Aston Villa from their disappointing start this season in the premier league games.

According to Glen, Aston did put up an impressive front last season, he was quite shocked about their performance this season, but he was also surprised at Arsenal’s impressive and fantastic performance this season, as they are currently on the top of the premier league table, well the game of football is not devoid of surprises.

He still believes that Gerrard is the perfect coach for Aston Villa, it’s normal for every strong club to lose games at times. It’s just the start of the season, it’s still quite early to be worked up because a lot of surprises will still be unvieled.

he said: “I wouldn’t be worried, it’s early days.

“They performed well enough last season and I think there are about eight shocked clubs at the moment. I thought Villa was going to kick on. I didn’t see Arsenal doing what they’re doing, so I think there are a lot of surprises everywhere.

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“I still think Villa have got the right man for the job. It’s a club going in the right direction and you’re going to lose some games. Everyone wants to get off to a great start to the season, so everyone is flying and fighting for fitness, I think it’s way too early to get worried.

The EPL is here again, with several clubs trying to climb the top of the table, currently, Arsenal is at the top, but anything can still happen, the world of football isn’t devoid of surprises.

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