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Gov. Inuwa Promises to Give Youth Development Priority

Gov. Inuwa Promises to Give Youth Development Priority

In Gombe State, Governor Muhammad Inuwa Yahaya has promised to give matters on the development of young people priority.

He claimed that because of the numerous difficulties that young people face, their problems have always been close to his heart. As a result, he is constantly considering ways to improve their quality of life.

To achieve this, the governor had sworn that his administration would keep giving young people the attention they required to succeed and contribute to the advancement of society.

In addition, he promised the throng that gathered to watch his campaign rally in Deba town, Yamaltu-Deba Local Govern­ment Area, that he would keep creating job opportunities for them to work on projects that would benefit both them and society.

The same campaign train that first carried him to the Deba Emir’s palace to ask for his blessing also canvassed votes for APC candidates in all of the Deba LGA’s wards in Kuri-Lano-Lambam, Jagali-South, Jagali-North, and Kanawa-Wajari.

The governor claimed that because his administration “churned out policies and programs that directly have a beneficial influence on young people’s lives,” teenagers play a crucial part in the growth of any society.

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Inuwa also expressed concern about security issues in the region, particularly farmer-herder conflicts, and said his government had taken action to reduce clashes by prohibiting incoming herders into the state and imposing restrictions on herders’ movements across LGA boundaries during this harvest season.

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