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Governor Diri Swears in Acting Chief Judge.

Governor Diri Swears in Acting Chief Judge.

Justice Maltida Ayemieye was sworn in on Monday by Governor Duoye Diri, the
Governor of Bayelsa State as the acting Chief Judge of the state due to the retirement of the former Chief Judge of the state.

The oath was taken by Justice Maltida in a brief Ceremony in the Executive Council of the Governor’s House, Yenogoa.

If we can recall, the ex-Chief Justice of the state, Justice Kate Abiri just retired last
week. She retired after serving the state as the chief Justice for 15 years.

According to Governor Diri, she was appointed since she is the most senior of the
judges and has always worked alongside her predecessor, and also with the various
arms of government.

He urged her to maintain a beautiful relationship with the government, just like her
predecessor did when she was in office, and to ensure that there’s a cordial relationship between the executive arm and the judicial arm in the state.

He also said that she was appointed based on merit, considering that she is capable of leading the Judicial arm in the state, He further prayed for her that she will take the Bayelsa State Judicial arm to higher levels and that she should make sure that there’s no discrimination, or favoritism amongst her colleagues

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Diri said, “The newly appointed acting Chief Judge was the most senior of the judges and has been working harmoniously with her predecessor, who also worked
harmoniously with the other arms of government.

“So, beyond being a high court judge, you are now in government as the leader of the judicial arm. We expect that you will maintain the same harmonious relationship that this government has enjoyed with the judicial arm of government.

“Having gone through your CV, you have the pedigree to lead the judiciary. So, I wish you well and urge you to carry your colleagues along without discrimination. I pray that going forward you will move the state judiciary to greater heights.”

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