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Grace In Femininity

Grace In Femininity

Quality of acting in a typically womanly, girlish, or feminine way explains the word, femininity.  Feelings, thinking, actions, and sensations are different branches of femininity. The feeling type is where femininity is expressed through emotions. The thinking type is where femininity is expressed through thoughts, perceptions, and communication. The action-type is where femininity is expressed through passion. Touch, appearance, and material things are physical or sensational parts of femininity. 

     Ever wonder why Instagram female influencers make so much money? It is simple.  90 percent of them have learned the art of maximizing their femininity to get what they want. They are particular about everything they do, from their gazes to their dresses and even speech. 

    There are a lot of tips to follow to attract what you want both in romantic relationships, friendships, and even businesses using your feminine qualities. 

1.    Appearance– 

This includes posture, dressing, walking steps, and facial looks too.

Some years ago on the fashion police show on    E tv, Beyoncé was trolled for putting on an undersized shoe that left her pinky toe flying out and looking so unappealing. As usual, she looked very beautiful until the camera went down and attention immediately swayed off her beautiful smile and the glorious dress of course, to the funny-looking toe flying out of the designer pair of shoes. Then it dawned on me that even the slightest most negligible detail is relevant after all. 

Undersized or oversized dresses or trousers, even oversized wigs that could fall off while taking a bike ride or maybe pulled in a market place can be very unattractive. 

2.    Good hygiene: 

Bad breath, unshaven armpits, and body odor are the perfect social repellants. With good fragrance, smile, and fresh breath you definitely will be highly welcomed by many. 

3.    Speech and grammar: 

A woman can be as feminine as ever look-wise but as soon as she opens her mouth, it could all go downhill with the utter of bad grammar. Good grammar and good pronunciation make you look refined and graceful and these are the things you want to be if you are seeking that job or favor. Do not overlook the tenses especially when texting. In this social media era, we meet most of your companies online and the first impression we can give them is in our mode of texting. Little mistakes like misplacing  “their and there” in sentences can be a turnoff. 

Another character that should be groomed is the ability to speak logically and also to be slow to speak. Try not to over speak to the point where the listener cannot get a word in. 

4.    Empathy

It is in feminine nature to be sensitive to emotions and feel empathy. Having sensitive and emotional discussions with people draws the relationship closer and builds connections. The famous Igbo abbreviation “IM – ima mmadu “which translates to knowing someone or connection is what boosts most people’s careers and studies. You can only imagine what a simple welcoming hand can do for you in the future. 

5.    Detachment and self-preservation:

 Even as we put so much energy into attracting favor with our looks, our nurturing characteristics, speech, and many other things, it is necessary to keep a little distance from people. When someone is too clingy, it gets a little overwhelming and irritating. Detachment can also be seductive. People like a little bit of everything so having good social skills and independent alone time strikes a balance. This quality also comes into play when there is a need to cut irrelevant or toxic people off. 

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6.    Courage:

 This is also a masculine trait but it falls under the action type of masculinity. Ambitious women like Mitchelle Obama, Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian attract high standard people and this is very important for growth. 

7.    Be teachable: 

 Very masculine women cannot be subordinates. This is very unattractive and will definitely at some point repel favors, cause people at work to dislike you or in relationships, and make your man get tired of you. The feminine quality allows you to be a strategic manipulator. Men mostly and human beings in general love to be leaders but everyone cannot be the face of the magazine. 

When you allow someone to guide you or feel like he or she is in charge, it gives you room to gain what you want without the stress of competition because the person does not see you as a threat. You can give an opinion on something and it will be considered because you have shown humility by doing so helping to erase clouded judgment that naturally will come when the person does not see you as a competition.

           Very importantly, balance is necessary for every feminine trait. Sometimes when we overstep boundaries, it could result in negative feedback. For example, in appearance, wearing overly revealing dresses in the wrong places can attract sexual assault.

Also, being overly humble can support oppression and over detachment can make you unapproachable.

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