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Gun men abduct passengers in Imo state

Gun men abduct passengers in Imo state

This morning, gun men abducted passengers from a Hummer bus, as well as a Sienna at Okigwe, Imo state. 

The intended destination of the passengers is yet to be known.

According to the report, three passengers were reported to have been kidnapped from the 18 seaters hummer bus, while the entire passengers and driver of the sienna bus were forcefully taken away. 

The report said only one woman was left. She narrates:

“I don’t know how this happened but we were double crossed by a gang of armed Fulani’s. They took everyone in our bus away and into the bush except for me because I am pregnant and I told them so.”

The passengers in the Hummer were not sure if to proceed with their journey or not. The driver said, 

“Three passengers were abducted from my bus. They were lots of them. Soon they will be tagged unknown but we saw them, they were Fulani’s. I only do not know if they are herdsmen. My passengers are afraid.” 

Some of the passers by who stopped and offered to help decided to call the police,  but were not sure if the police will come to their aid.

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An onlooker said:

“With all that has been happening, I’m not sure the police will be able to help. It is either you rest and continue, or you rest and go back home.  The pregnant lady needs to get to the hospital.”

Fear gripped the people who experienced what happened. Most of the female passengers broke down in tears, while others kept praying and pleading that the perpetrators of these acts repent or face the wrath of karma. 

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