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Hilda Baci Has Made Nigeria A Laughing Stock.

Hilda Baci Has Made Nigeria A Laughing Stock.

What a shame – a big fat shame that Nigerians pulled their pants down and showed their sh*tty yansh to the entire world because someone brought out a few pots and pans and cooked her way into the Guinness Book of Records. You all will make jamboree out of anything.

Hilda Baci cooking

The governor of a Lagos State shamelessly left his office and his gargantuan responsibilities to be dancing egwu jigida outside the kitchen… For a minute it looked like he was going to take off his shirt and climb to the roof to Zazzu for the crowd. 

This is why I keep reiterating that we may never get it right as a nation. 

I’d admit that Hilda Baci really cooked up a storm – because even President Buhari who is known all over the villa as someone who can’t navigate a cellphone to send a simple text message tweeted about her. President Buhari tweeted for the first time… “What God cannot do really doesn’t exist. Those who would counter that someone tweeted on his behalf – should first ask themselves why hasn’t that someone tweet about anything in the past 8 years? Not even after any of the killings in the North in the past and in recent days? 

Congrats to Hilda Baci as business will be good for her going forward – Curtsey of randy Nigerian politicians and business mugus, her market will begin to move.  The baffling thing is that these same Nigerians cannot call on the president with the same unison to ensure the Supreme court do justice to the election petition? 

It was one stupid tweet after another about Hilda’s cook-a-thon and its supposed “laundering” Nigeria’s image…

Ok, let’s pretend for a second that the boiling of water for a hundred hours did something for Nigeria’s image – what does Babajide Sanwo-Olu shaking of a** do to same image? 

Governor Sanwo-olu at the Cookathon

When are we going to stop all the play play and focus on more pressing issues affecting the country? 

I was having brunch with a friend at Le Bon Café at NW, Washington DC when I heard her name Hilda Baci, for the first time. 

The friend I was brunching with stretched her phone to my face to know who the Nigerian must be to be all over twitter.

“I don’t know her,” I said and it was the truth. I really never heard of any Hilda Baci until that moment.

“But she’s your country-woman,” She insisted… like how will you not know her with your whole country tweeting about her? 

“Yes I saw that too,” I admitted.

She read for a couple of more minutes and started laughing.

“She is cooking herself into the Guinness Book of Records?” she asked but with a tiny bit of mockery in her voice.

“But wait, what lady in today’s world decides they wanna cook their way into the world’s heart? 

“Isn’t this why men don’t take us women seriously,” she asked..  

That’s a dangerous question in today’s America,” I replied smiling. 

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“It is always a slippery slope no matter how I respond.”

But my issue is not what the lady is trying to achieve for herself,” I said instead.

“She is doing what she feel is good for her immediate future and down the road.

“What do you mean by “she’s doing what is good for her future and down the road?” she retorted looking at me with her head bent a little to the left. 

“Another slippery slope” I said, laughing this time. 

“Ok dear, forget what I just said… what I mean is that Nigerians have a way of making these events seem bigger than they actually are.” 

To ease the conversation, I signaled for the check. 

My fellow Nigerians, it is just a shame that we always choose the wrong priority. 

Such a shame!

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