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How Policemen and lastma officers exploit motorists in the Lagos community.

How Policemen and lastma officers exploit motorists in the Lagos community.

The Lagos State traffic management Authority comprised of a certain set of Police officers and men who were caught in the act of extorting money by utilizing the traffic light at the Isheri Berger area of Lagos as a means to perpetuate this act. 

There have been several complaints from victims who had fallen into the snare of these supposed law enforcement agents. Some news reporters went to the community on Tuesday and closely noticed how car owners were stopped for the contrived purpose of violating a traffic rule. It was observed that the group focuses on exploiting motorists going from Berger to Isheri Road to the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, using the old traffic light. It was noted that the Green arrow of the traffic light moves for 20 seconds before the intermediate light turns red, the amusing thing is that there are no countdowns, due to this some motorists leave the waiting lane between the 17th and 19th seconds, whilst the green light is still on, as soon as they get to the road linking the Lagos Ibadan Expressway they are arrested and bring the focus to the traffic light which had turn red.

Any motorist who emphatically claims on confirming his offense was taken to the officers in the traffic Warden box, who without hesitation confirmed their offense. The motorists are then taken to the POS to withdraw money from the officers. 

One of the operators said, “That is what they do always. They bring people here to withdraw money after they have been arrested and the amount their victims withdraw from us ranges between N10,000 and N60,000.”

Another PoS operator, however, suggested that our correspondent should offer the officers N5,000, saying the law enforcement agents would take it.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin denied knowing about such an extortion ring. 

He said, “I am not aware of any complaints that any of our officers are extorting money from motorists at that location. We are not an irresponsible organization. If you provide us with evidence that our officers are misbehaving and engaging in extortion there, of course, we will take it up.

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  • Even if evidence is provided they would still deny not doing it, a video proof would be the best evidence to be provided

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