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How Salah Helped Me To Change My Diet

How Salah Helped Me To Change My Diet

As we all know, a good diet is very important to footballers, considering they are always running up and down the field. Harvey Elliot, Liverpool Midfielder has praised Egyptian Forward, Mohamed Salah for helping him improve his diet.

According to Elliot, Salah helped change his morning intake of mainly white bread, to brown bread which he later realized is more healthy. He commended Salah for not being a person who will command you to do things his way but rather helps you out by giving you reasons and directions on how it should be done.

He admitted that at first he was quite amused and wondered why Salah was interested in something as insignificant as his breakfast, later he realized that it is the little things that make the big things improve.

Speaking on his relationship with other players, he said that his teammates have been very helpful to him, as they all want him to succeed in his football career.

Elliott told The Times: “My breakfast is mainly bread with beans or avocado. I did eat bread in the morning, but that was white bread. Now I have changed it to brown bread which is a lot healthier.”

“He [Salah] is not someone to say, ‘You need to be doing this, you need to be doing that.’ He is more of a guy who helps you out and gives you pointers, and you go away and think about it.

“Now it is always in my head. At the time I was thinking, ‘What is he on about? I’m just having breakfast!’

“But looking back there are so many things you can change in your diet and it is just about the small margins. That is a prime example of what he is like.”

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“To have these players here and the chance to learn from them is amazing,” Elliott revealed.

“They all want me to do well and are giving me pointers, for example, Mo with the bread. I have taken it on board.”

The season has not been fantastic for Liverpool, as they currently rank 10th on the EPL table. Considering the standards Liverpool has set for itself, this does not speak well of the club.

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