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IGP Recommends Suspension of Lagos Killer Cop.

IGP Recommends Suspension of Lagos Killer Cop.

While waiting for the full detailed report on the incident, the Inspector General of Police Usman Baba has recommended that the Assistant Superintendent of Police, Drambi Vandi, deployed to the Ajah axis and responsible for killing Lagos-based barrister, Bolanle Raheem, be suspended.
This information was made by the Nigeria Police Force spokesperson, Olumuyiwa Adejobi in a statement on Wednesday.
According to the statement, the suspension is an internal procedure that will let the law take its full course without Interference, as these are legal procedures they must follow.
He further said that the IGP has assured Nigerians that the rule of law will take its course and that justice prevails in the issue, as his administration will ensure that evident justice takes its course.
He, however, advised Nigerians to be calm as several preventive measures have been put in place to ensure that such incidents do not occur.
Adejobi said, “The IGP further noted that the suspension is also expected to create an enabling environment for necessary legal procedures to uphold justice in the case without interference.
“The suspension is without prejudice to the constitutional presumption of innocence in favor of the officer.
“Meanwhile, the IGP has reaffirmed the commitment of the Force to the Rule of Law and assured the public of his administration’s commitment to ensuring that justice is not just done but seen to have been manifestly done in the matter.
“He, therefore, appeals to the public to be calm as all hands are on deck to ensure justice prevails, while measures have been put in place to prevent future occurrences.
If we can recall, On Christmas day, a police officer named Drambi Vandi, shot a Lagos base lawyer named Bolanle Raheem while returning from a Christmas outing with her family. The alleged officer and his team members who were dispatched to the area were immediately apprehended and left in detention, while the President of Nigeria, has assured Nigerians that justice will take its full course on the case.
Nigerians have been bashing the Nigerian police force since the day the incident occurred, as this is not a story to be told at all, as policemen are to safeguard lives and properties and to kill the citizens they swore an oath to protect.
In this particular case the Policeman didn’t just kill Bolanle Raheem, but also the baby she was carrying as she was seven months pregnant. This is an indication that the whole police force needs reform, this is not the first case of police brutality in Nigeria.
The whole of Nigeria has its eyes on this case, as this is a total embarrassment to the Nigerian police force. In all our doings in life, may Nigeria never happen to us?

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