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Is Cardi B’s avocado mask as effective as she claims?

Is Cardi B’s avocado mask as effective as she claims?

Find out how to prepare the infamous cardi B’s avocado mask in this article. 

Cardi B is no doubt one of the very few public figures that talks about their natural hair. She is a big advocate for natural hair and natural products. Recently, She took to her social media platform to share her new hair length and she was critiqued for having long hair. She captioned the post: “So I’ve been so consistent with my hair mask routine and drinking alkaline water, and look how much my hair has grown! I was so scared of my hair falling out after my son’s birth because I’d been growing it for years now… ” 

What hair mask?

In 2020, Cardi shared an avocado hair mask recipe that she uses for her hair and that of her daughter’s. It caused quite the uproar and everyone jumped on the trend and tried out the recipe. I was one of them and I can testify to its tremendous effect on my hair. 

The avocado hair mask is a protein treatment that is important for hair growth. 

Here is why you should try Cardi’s avocado hair mask:

Avocado is a fruit that contains vitamins C, E, K, B6 and a host of other nutrients. They serve major health benefits to the body, internally and topically (for the skin and hair). 

What are the benefits of the avocado hair mask? 

The DIY avocado hair mask promotes stronger hair strands and boosts hair growth. Other benefits includes:

It moisturizes the hair 

Lots of people struggle with dry, damaged and weak hair which comes with an unending struggle of trying out different products. 

Avocado is a superhero for dry hair. Applying this hair mask to your hair helps your hair to retain its moisture which in turn, makes it easier to maintain.

With the dry season right around the corner, this mask is definitely needed to moisturize the hair and keep it shiny. 

Promotes hair growth 

Nutritional deficiency is one of the most common reasons for poor hair growth. Hair care goes beyond what you apply topically. What you eat also has a major impact on your hair growth. Your hair starts to look lifeless and dull when you are not eating the right foods. Find out the right foods to eat to boost hair growth here (foods to boost hair growth

Applying this avocado hair mask thickens the hair, builds stronger strands, defines your curls and hair growth. Almost everyone that has tried this mask admitted that their hair grew an inch or two since they started this treatment. 

It also prevents dandruff 



  • Avocado 
  • Egg yolk 
  • Honey
  • Castor oil
  • Coconut oil 

Preparing the mighty hair mask is not a herculean task. All you need to do is make sure you have a blender and the ingredients are clean enough.

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The first step is putting all your ingredients in the blender, cover it properly and blend. You have to blend it into a fine smooth texture. Very smooth texture so it is easy for your hair to absorb everything. Plus, you don’t want to deal with avocado chunks in your hair, it is hard to remove once it gets stuck. 

After preparing the mask, the next step is applying. To apply this mask, make sure your hair is a bit wet. This is for easier application and absorption. Then, cut your hair into 4 equal sections (it doesn’t have to be equal o) and apply carefully. Cover your hair with a shower cap, and allow it to stay on for 30 mins – 1 hour. 

The final stage is washing it off. It is advisable to wash it off using a mild shampoo and conditioner. 

Want this to work? Try CONSISTENCY. That is a major ingredient for hair growth. 

Avocados go far back in history as the ingredient used by Egyptians to prevent hair loss. It is a natural moisturizer and should be a staple in your hair routine. 

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