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Lampard Finally Reveals The Secret to Iwobi’s New Form.

Lampard Finally Reveals The Secret to Iwobi’s New Form.

Alex Iwobi, a Super Eagles player has improved tremendously for his club Everton this season, Rising from not being known by fans to being fans’ favorite. Due to his incredible performances for the club, he was nominated for the September player of the month award.

Frank Lampard, Everton’s coach who everyone has attributed to Iwobi’s New Form, commended the player over his new form in Everton’s pre-match conference. According to Lampard, he said that he didn’t fancy Iwobi when he took Everton’s appointment, he only wanted to try Iwobi out as a winger and see how that will play out. Iwobi took the challenge and showed that he was talented.

He further said, that he has only little input in Iwobi’s success as the Nigerian player put in much work to see himself better, all he contributed was to direct him and give him the confidence he needed. Iwobi utilized all this to become a better player.

He further concluded that he has a lot of respect for Iwobi

“I didn’t have a big view on him as such [when Lampard arrived at Everton]. I think from the outside… I was very aware of him coming through because my staff had been at the Chelsea academy for years and Alex was at the Arsenal academy.

“We spoke about every player and their feeling having gone up against Alex as a kid was that he was an immensely talented player so there would be something there for us.

“At the time I came in I probably presumed it would probably be as a winger and [he would] do a job for us there and I then just wanted to stay open and see what he showed us in training.”

“There has been a huge development and I am asked a lot about my input in it and so much is down to Alex himself,” Lampard continued.

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“It is clear to say that only players and players themselves can make the strides Alex has made, but not many make the strides he has made in the right way.

“My job is to support him, give him confidence, put him in the right structure, in the right team and the rest is down to him.

“Whatever view when I came in is not important but now I have a huge respect for him and love working with him.”

Iwobi will be in action for Everton in their match against Erik Ten Hag’s side, Manchester United today, and Everton will be hoping to continue winning, after defeating West Ham United and Southampton to occupy the new ninth place in the premier league table. Manchester United who is currently ranking Seventh in the EPL table will do all they can to see that they win the match. This will definitely be a match to watch

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