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LASTMA Nabs Official in Lekki

LASTMA Nabs Official in Lekki

The issue of persons impersonating Government security agents has become rampant, most times motorists complain of extortion from security agents, and some unscrupulous individuals pose as security agents to perform such acts.

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority has arrested a fake LASTMA official who was properly clothed in their appearance and was pretending to be on duty.

According to the General manager of LASTMA, Mr. Bolaji Oreagba, in a statement revealed that the arrested suspect, David Oluchukwu is a member of a cult group, who has been posing as LASTMA Officials, extorting money from innocent drivers.

He further revealed that the suspect was arrested by members of their patrol team. He further complained that it’s unfortunate to see people impersonating LASTMA Officials and extorting money from unsuspecting citizens, thereby sneaking the theme of LASTMA in the mud.

The statement read, “Preliminary investigations conducted by the agency revealed that the arrested suspect belonged to a criminal gang and they have been extorting huge sums of money from innocent motorists apprehended for various traffic offenses ranging from seat-belt, obstructions, illegal over-taking, and One-way at different locations across the State.

“The suspect was apprehended after our patrol team sighted him fully kitted with a LASTMA uniform on black jeans collecting money from different commercial bus drivers who were illegally dropping and picking passengers under the Lekki bridge”

“It is disheartening for some unscrupulous elements impersonating LASTMA officials and extorting money from innocent motorists thereby denting the good image of the Agency before the public.”

He also revealed that the suspect confessed to his crimes, and he revealed that the makes a least 40,000 daily from these illegal acts, He further warned the public to beware of such individuals as a true LASTMA Official will not collect money while discharging his duties.

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continued, “The arrested suspect Mr. David Oluchkwu (27yrs) confessed to having been impersonating a LASTMA official and extorting money from different motorists, particularly commercial bus drivers apprehended for violating traffic laws across the state.

“Mr. Oluchkwu who hailed from ‘Ukpu’ in Anambra State confessed further to be making an average of N40,000 every day from the illegal traffic business.”

“agency operates a cashless policy as any violators apprehended are charged to court with a referral notice”

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