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Lionel Messi to Star in a TV series.

Lionel Messi to Star in a TV series.

Former Barcelona and now Paris Saint-Germain football forward, Lionel Messi is geared to make a cameo appearance in an Argentine drama series on television titled: Los Protectores.

The football star who is a seven-time Ballon d’Or winner will be making his debut appearance on television in the second season of the Argentine TV drama which is popular in his country.

It was revealed just yesterday that everything had been prepared for the PSG player to make an appearance on TV screens next year. However, the football legend will not be going down in history as the first footballer to appear in a movie as an actor, as several soccer players have traipsed that career path most of the time as the lead cast in advertisements for brands.

Lionel Messi himself has appeared in various food and sports commercials, ranging from Pepsi soda drinks to Lay’s potato and finally to his biggest sponsor, Adidas.

The commercial appearances are usually short and only a few catch sentences are uttered but for the fact of the football star’s high profile, he has started in more than a few commercials for various companies.

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It has been disclosed that Messi’s scene has been shot already and it was completed a few days ago. This was known because images of the star footballer on set were posted by the producer of the drama series. Unfortunately, the scene wouldn’t be shown until next year.

Messi’s scene was recorded in Paris, where he now stays since he was signed by PSG, but the other movie scenes were shot in various locations like Buenos Aires.

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