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Malawi sees an increase in cholera deaths to over 180.

Malawi sees an increase in cholera deaths to over 180.

The health ministry said on Monday that there were 183 cholera deaths in Malawi at the end of October, up from 110 at the beginning of the month.

The number of infections has been increasing, and there have already been 6,056 confirmed cases since the outbreak started in March, according to the ministry.

A severe diarrheal infection, cholera is frequently contracted by consuming tainted food or water and is strongly associated with unsanitary conditions.

The absence of safe water, toilets that were not used properly, and poor community food hygiene were all blamed by Malawi’s health ministry for the deaths.

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Khumbize Chiponda, the minister of health, also mentioned that some patients chose not to receive care due to religious beliefs, while others showed up at hospitals after hours.

He made a plea to religious organizations to encourage their followers to seek appropriate medical care in order to prevent “unnecessary” loss of life.

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