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Martinez is a Sharp Defender- Wesley Brown

Martinez is a Sharp Defender- Wesley Brown

Wesley Brown, a former Manchester United player, has praised Martinez for his sharp defense prowess and ability to understand every game. 

Brown revealed this in an interview, according to him, Martinez played very well in the match against Brighton. He also described him as a Sharp player who is not scared of any club, he is very fast and calculative, even though Manchester United lost, Martinez played very well

“I was still looking at the size of him, but I like him. He’s sharp, he’s in your face, he’s not scared of getting involved and he passed the ball out well. He took up some good positions and for his home Premier League debut, it was not a bad one for him personally, even if it was the team.

“I think he is quick, he reads the game well and he doesn’t look like he panics when people are running at him with the ball. He was good. I know we got beat, but personally, he was good.”

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Wesley Micheal Brown is an English professional soccer player. He played 15 years for Manchester United before leaving for Sunderland. Alex Ferguson described him as the most natural defender the club has ever had.

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