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Mexico tightens its laws against smoking in public areas

Mexico tightens its laws against smoking in public areas

Mexico has implemented one of the harshest anti-tobacco policies in the world by
outlawing smoking entirely in public areas.

The action, which was first authorized in 2021, also forbids tobacco advertising.

Legislation banning smoking in public places has also been adopted in several other
Latin American nations.

But in the Americas, Mexico is thought to have the most comprehensive and robust
legal system.

It essentially equates to one of the strictest anti-smoking policies in the entire world. The 2008 rule in Mexico that established smoke-free areas in bars, restaurants, and
workplaces has now been expanded to include a complete ban in all public areas.
Parks, beaches, inns, workplaces, and eateries all fall under this category.

Additionally, there will be a complete ban on tobacco product advertising, marketing, and sponsorship, which prevents smoke from even being displayed inside stores.

Newer, stricter regulations are also in place for vapes and e-cigarettes, particularly

The Mexican government’s decision to enact the ban has been praised by the Pan-
American Health Organization.

According to the organization, tobacco use—either via direct use or exposure to
secondhand smoke—is the single most preventable cause of death in the globe,
accounting for close to a million deaths in the Americas every year.

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However, some smokers are appalled by how strict the new regulation is.

Essentially, it means that a lot of people will only be able to smoke in their houses or
other private properties.

Others have questioned whether it will be feasible to enforce the law.

Many people worry that because police corruption is so pervasive in Mexico, some
officers would use public smoking as an excuse to accept bribes rather than enforcing actual fines or penalties.

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