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“My Body, My Choice”

“My Body, My Choice”

Did you just wonder what this term could mean? Of course! My body should be my choice. I should be able to consent to whatever is to happen to it right? Why then do I need to explain to people when it’s my body? Is it their business? My body is my choice and I do not need to be stopped from making decisions that concern my body. 

To an extent, nobody has any right to tell you what you need to do with your body because it belongs to you and you should be responsible enough to bear the consequences that come with whatever action you carry out on your body but it would not be nice to see you taking a drastic measure on your body and most especially when you have people that care around. Would it be wise? This Phrase has indeed instigated a lot of ills in one’s personality. People carry out harmful practices with impunity because they know that they would hide under the umbrella of “My body, My choice.”

Weeks ago, there was an uproar voicing the campaign of this phrase in various parts of the world as a lot of people were seen especially women protesting the need to have their choice over their bodies. Most of the clamor during this protest was done to propagate, Same-sex, Mercy Killing, Abortion, Suicide, transgender, etc. People were mostly seen protesting for the right to abortion. A lot of women have come out to openly categorically state that their body belongs to them and the fetus in their uterus is just a fragment of cells and blood but not human. Let’s take an in-depth look at Abortion. Before a pregnancy occurs, there must be sexual intercourse, the man will release sperm and the lady would have an egg ready for fertilization. 

The sperm will run so fast till it hits the egg and conception takes place, that egg automatically becomes a dependent being and the woman becomes its host, that egg becomes a zygote, it’s now on its way to full gestation to come out mature. The Zygote will then become an embryo and the embryo after some stages become a Foetus/fetus. The Foetus is already a human, a child in formation and maturation, that child becomes human right from the womb. A lot of people have come out to say that the women (the host of the pregnancy) have the right to terminate the pregnancy because their body remains their choice and they reserve every right to determine what grows and lives in them.

 Looking into the embryo, you would observe the stages of growth, you would understand that that fetus has always been a child, a child in incubation. There are a lot of claims that a Zygote is not a child not a human being but let’s be truthful, the Zygote contains full DNA capable of becoming a baby. If you terminate a zygote, you as well terminate the pregnancy and if not for the Zygote, then there is no pregnancy, so no matter how we tend to not call a Zygote a baby, it is still an important part of the pregnancy, the Zygote has a life, it is living. Would you go to where a hen is hatching its eggs and terminate the eggs? Even hens do not disrupt their cycle of incubation, they do not get rid of their eggs, they wait for them to become a chick! As far as you are pregnant, you do not have a choice but to keep it. 

If a doctor terminates a child, would he not be jailed? If a mother kills her child, would she not suffer the same fate too? Why do we then not call abortion murder? When an abortion takes place, a child is killed, and a child is deprived of the right to life. There are a lot of ways to avoid pregnancies but you neglected them all, you did not make use of condoms, you did not have the intercourse in your safe period, you had the choice to not have sex, you had the choice to make use of contraceptives, you had the choice implore various pregnancy preventive measures to buy yet, you neglected them all, why then do you think you have the choice to abort a child you are responsible for? Why then is it in your place to get rid of it?

Sex is a biological compulsory, but being a compulsory also means that you have a choice about it, you have a choice to at least make sure that there are no complications, and even if they were you should know that you do not have a choice but to take responsibility of your action!

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Know this, as far as pregnancy is involved, you have no choice but to keep it, you have no choice but to nurture that pregnancy. Whoever commits abortion has been murdered because you have killed a fetus that was produced from two human reproductive systems. My body, My choice is good but it would not cover everything, there are some aspects we are left with no choice and abortion is one of them.

Speaking of Abortion, there are a lot of risks attached to abortion. A woman can bleed to death, she can gain other problems by making such a choice, are you ready to live with the guilt of committing murder and also the guilt of attracting other consequences because of your actions? 

The only time you should have a choice is only when the pregnancy seems to be Ectopic, this is when it poses a threat to your life, asides this, your choice does not count, you just have to keep the baby and enjoy what a cute creation you have made!!

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