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NATO a threat to Russia, Borders — Putin.

NATO a threat to Russia, Borders — Putin.

On Monday, 9th May 2022, the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin declared that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was a clear threat to his country and its borders as the war between the state and Ukraine wages on. In a statement made at the Victory Day parade in the country’s capital, Moscow, to the cheers of thousands of troops, the president claimed that NATO was making plans to acquire nuclear weapons and probing lands and areas close to the country.

Despite being the primary assailant in a war that has dragged on for over two months and claimed many lives, Putin remains steadfast in his decision stating that in response to the NATO action “everything was telling us that there is a need to fight,” and that his troops were fighting for “the Motherland.”

Already, Russian satellite television and other media have been altered and hacked by various groups to display a variety of anti-war and anti-Russia messages.

“You have the blood of thousands of Ukrainians and hundreds of dead children on your hands,” said one such message.

“The TV and the authorities are lying to you. No to war.”

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News websites also bore such messages and though they have been swiftly removed, they embody a growing sentiment all over the world.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President also expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support by the international community all the way and reiterated his vow to come out on top at the end of the conflict. Describing the war as a “bloody re-enactment of Nazism” he accused the Russian government of anti-human tactics and stated that such motions would never prevail.

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