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NCDC reports 8 new illnesses from Lassa fever as the mortality toll reaches 171

NCDC reports 8 new illnesses from Lassa fever as the mortality toll reaches 171

Between September 5 and September 11, 2022, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC) identified eight more cases of Lassa fever and one fatality. According to the NCDC’s official website, the additional cases increase the nation’s total number of confirmed cases and fatalities to 917 and 171, respectively. It was revealed that 102 local government units in 25 states have at least one confirmed case. 

6,660 suspected cases have reportedly been reported nationwide, according to NCDC. 

According to the public health agency, Ondo had 32% of the newly confirmed cases, Edo had 26%, and Bauchi had 13%. 

According to the NCDC, Nigerians should maintain appropriate environmental cleanliness to lower their risk of contracting Lassa fever, “that is, keep your surroundings clean at all times and cover all holes in your house to prevent rats from entering.” It recommended Nigerians to properly dispose of trash and cover trash cans. People typically contract the Lassa virus by contact with food or household objects that have been exposed to the urine or feces of infected rats, which are prevalent in many West African nations where the disease is common. 

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Infected body secretions might potentially propagate the infection. In addition, people can get the illness via eating tainted food, touching filthy objects, or coming into contact with open wounds or sores. 

As a result of exposure to the virus in the blood, tissue, urine, feces, or other bodily fluids of an infected patient, secondary transmission from person to person can also take place.

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