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Neymar Can Lead Brazil to World Cup- Kaka.

Neymar Can Lead Brazil to World Cup- Kaka.

Richard Kaka, a Brazil Neymar world cup

Richard Kaka, a Brazil legend believes that Neymar, Paris saint Germain striker can help Brazil to win the world cup.

Neymar has been all shades of incredible this season, for PSG, and it is expected of him to display such a fantastic performance in the world cup. He currently has 8 goals and seven assists to his name this season for PSG in eight league appearances.

According to Kaka, he sees Neymar as Brazil’s hope to win the world cup, but he’ll definably be needing the help of good players like Viniscus. In the 2018 world cup, Neymar was the major player for Brazil, but now Brazil has good players like Viniscus Raphina and Anthony.

He further said that Viniscus is an incredible player, who will remove much pressure from Neymar.

Neymar has 74 goals, in 120 game appearances for Brazil. Brazil shares category G with Cameroon, Serbia, and Switzerland.

“Neymar is going to be Brazil’s leader in Qatar 2022 but it’s very important that he has players like Vinicius by his side,” Kaka said in an interview with MARCA.

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“In the 2018 World Cup, Ney was the absolute protagonist but now we have Vini, Raphinha, Richarlison, Antony… who are not young promises but really good players.

“Vinicius, for example, is a star at Real Madrid and he scored the goal in the last Champions League final. This takes a bit of pressure off Neymar, which is very favorable to our interests.”

Ricardo Izceson, popularly known as Kaka is a Brazilian ex-professional soccer player, who played as an attacking Midfielder. Kaka is widely regarded as one of the best players of his generation.

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