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Nigeria produces an Android phone

Nigeria produces an Android phone

Bashir Ahmed, the President’s Personal Assistant for New Media, announced the launch of Nigeria made phone on Facebook this morning, Wednesday 9th June, 2021. 

After an executive meeting this morning, the president received the first made in Nigeria phone. 

The android phone was brought in by the minister of trade and investment. The launch did not exceed forty five minutes as the president received the phone, unveiled it and considered it a welcome development.

Nigerians are impressed but still wonder if the launch was a pressing need at this time.

A concerned citizen on Facebook posted,

“With the level of insurgence in this country, FG deserves to be on its toes and give Nigerians security” 

Another post read:

“It is not enough to launch an android phone, if the internet is banned just like twitter, the phone will be of no use to us”

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One more person commented thus:

“I hope there will be enough power supply to charge phones”.  

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