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Okada riders attack Estate in Abuja.

Okada riders attack Estate in Abuja.

It has been reported that more than a hundred okada riders in the Lokogoma area of Abuja had attacked Same Global Estate in Abuja. 

This altercation is said to been have caused by a motorist who had hit two of the Okada riders on Sunday. The motorist had been followed by the riders after the incident and ran into the Estate for cover. The angered riders pursued him and as they could not locate him, set two buildings in the estate on fire.

The Estate Manager, Mr. Adebisi Adelowo, gave an account of what had happened saying the riders had pulled down their gates and had started stoning houses on the estate. He also added that the motorist was not a member of the estate but had just run into the estate to hide from the angry riders who were chasing him with dangerous weapons and stones. 

“The motorist who is not even a resident of our estate ran into the estate because he noticed a police post in front of the estate.” He said.

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Security Operatives have arrived at the scene to stop the riders and prevent any loss of life and more property destruction.

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