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Ondo Residents Lament Slow PVC Collection.

Ondo Residents Lament Slow PVC Collection.

Political Apathy is not the only reason why people refuse to participate in political activities in Nigeria, other factors like slow registration and collection of PVC are also a reason. The collection of PVCs has begun in Ondo state to make sure that voters are ready for the 2023 elections.

However, residents of Ondo state are not finding it funny, as they complain that the whole process of collecting their PVCs is very slow. A resident of the state, Adeboboye Kheinde has said that the process is extremely slow, there are a lot of crowds and there are only a few Officials to disburse the PVCS to the qualified voters.

He talked about the transportation cost of arriving at the center to collect their PVC, he suggested that the PVCs should be shared from ward to ward to reduce transportation costs.

Kehinde said, “I have spent over three hours here waiting to collect my PVC due to the crowd and few officials attending to us. I reside in Adofure (an area of Akure) and traveling from there to here cost me N300 and I will pay another N300 to return home.

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“Those staying at Ala Elofosan will spend nothing less than N1000 to get here and return home. So, I will suggest that INEC should take to PVCs distribution to the wards, after all, there are collation centers at the ward level.”

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