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Ondo state governor requests for restructuring in democracy message

Ondo state governor requests for restructuring in democracy message

Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, the governor of Ondo state had said in his June 12, democracy day message, that restructuring the country was highly needed to move the country further. 

The governor had earlier called off the big celebration of the democracy day in his state because of the Owo Church attack that had occurred on the 5th of June, 2022. He said that despite the state still in mourning, everyone needed to imbibe the democratic values that we celebrate on Democracy Day. 

He added that the day was a symbol of hope to the people of Nigeria and Nigerians should not let go of that hope but be resilient in their fight for freedom. He advised that the focus of the celebration which was on the people should not be directed elsewhere. He also said we should take note of the challenges affecting the nation and be ready to address them to benefit Nigerians. 

He went on the address the issue of restructuring, saying that it was proper for the country to adopt this system, especially for the security challenges that it was facing. 

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“The need for restructuring has stared us in the face for too long. It is time for the Federal Government to shed its excesses on the sub-nationals. Security must be devolved to the states. There is no better time for state police than now!”

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