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One night kit: Ho-On-The-Go

One night kit: Ho-On-The-Go

“Don’t forget to tell him to wear a cape. Chlamydia is real” – Ruky

“Ouuu babe, your outfit is making me want to sing your praises all night,” my roomie, Ruki, said.

“Ruki, stop exaggerating!” I responded. But I got it, I could eat myself up — I looked that good.

“Hmm, looks like someone signed up for a slutty evening. Judging by that outfit, I bet you aren’t coming home tonight,” Ruki said, staring at me with her “detective eyes”.

“Whatever makes you sleep at night, Ruki,” I responded slightly irritated by her comments. “By the way, have you seen my one night kit? I can’t go out without it.” I asked her, wondering where I dropped my most important bag.

“Oh, here it is. I found it behind the door,” Ruki said as she handed it to me. “By the way, don’t you think having a one night kit makes you look ‘forward and prepared’. I mean, wouldn’t that make guys disrespect you?” She asked.

“The main purpose of having a one night kit is to be prepared. I’m going on a date with a guy that I might end up sleeping with, I need to be able to clean up at least. Carrying a one night kit isn’t a green light for sex, it’s just a precaution cause anything can happen at anytime”. I responded as I applied the final touches of my make up.

“Hmm, I get it now,” Ruky said.

“Okay, I have to go!”

“Don’t forget to tell him to wear a cape. Chlamydia is real!” Ruky yelled as I shut the door.

Nothing’s worse than waking up at a guy’s place feeling…not so fresh. If you have ever woken up in a stranger’s apartment with last night’s makeup smeared all over your face with no idea how to get back home, you know the pain of wishing you had brought a few more stuff with you in your bag. So, for the next time you are on a little adventure hoping to get lucky, remember to bring these little items with you. Because there is no shame in going in prepared.

A one night kit should contain:

  1. Condoms

This needs no introduction and it shouldn’t be swept under the rug because you are a lady. Kindly remember that “pull out” doesn’t exactly work. You also have to add STD’s and STI’s to your worry book — that’s if you choose to go bare.

2. Emergency Bill

Most people would call this ‘vex money’ but I dont agree. What are you vexing for? Having money in your wallet when stepping out is like the most basic thing that everyone should do. It isn’t wise to leave the house ‘hoping’ someone would take care of your bills.

3. Phone charger

It would be annoying to be low on power on a night out; what if something happens? Just in case of emergency.

4. Deodorant

You might not get the opportunity to have a shower. In order not to smell like your deeds, it’s best to have a deodorant like a spray, mist or even a perfume.

5. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

6. Lip balm/Gloss

The lips gets stripped off their natural moisture over time especially with all that kissing, so you might need a boost for that.
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7. Panties/boxers

Hey! You know it isn’t possible to wear the same undies the next day right?

8. Wipes

9. Flats

There is nothing like a ‘walk of shame’ in my dictionary. I don’t know about you tho. But, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to do that with your heels on. That’s why this is needed. You need to be comfortable while you ‘run’.

10. Mouthwash/chewing gum/mint sweet

This is optional. If you think a toothbrush&paste is too much of a hassle for you. Then, you can go with any of this. I always like to pop a gum or a mint sweet at work when I feel my breath isn’t fresh, it works.

11. Morning after pill

Even with all the precautions, ‘slip ups’ do happen. It could be a broken condom, or you forgot to remind him to ‘wear a cape’. Either ways, a morning after pill is an ideal solution for a situation like this.

I hope you find this kit as useful as I did!
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