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Panel to investigate Trump’s involvement in the Capitol riot

Panel to investigate Trump’s involvement in the Capitol riot

Donald Trump’s failure to control the mob of his fans during the 187 dangerous minutes will be argued by a congressional panel looking into the Capitol brawl last year.

The public hearing that would be broadcasted on television is the eighth in a series that aims to examine the unrest and identify those responsible.

Two former Trump White House aides are anticipated to testify: deputy press secretary Sarah Matthews and deputy national security advisor Matthew Pottinger.

To demonstrate what the former president was doing throughout the disturbance and support the claim that he refused to act decisively to put an end to it, the panel is also anticipated to play filmed testimony from other members of Mr. Trump’s administration.

In his denial of any wrongdoing, Mr. Trump has called the committee’s inquiry a political witch hunt.

The majority of the hearing will center on the roughly three-hour span between Mr. Trump’s conclusion of remarks at a “Stop the Steal” event at 13:00 local time and his delivery of a videotaped message to his supporters at 16:17, in which he requested that they vacate the Capitol.

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Members of the committee have accused Mr. Trump in public of doing nothing to put an end to the disturbance, potentially endangering lawmakers and his vice president, Mike Pence.

Previously, the former president disregarded the results of the 6 January hearings, stating in June that the committee was “illegally-constituted” and “a kangaroo court.”

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