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Peter Obi Declares the Problems of Nigeria to not be Unsolvable.

Peter Obi Declares the Problems of Nigeria to not be Unsolvable.

The Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, declared yesterday, Wednesday, September 28 that Nigeria’s problems were not insurmountable.

The former Anambra State governor, who made this statement in a program on Arise TV, remarked that the fight against insecurity which had impacted the growth, productivity, and development of the nation’s economy would top his priority if he was elected as president in 2023.

He was also confident about his chances in the upcoming election.

In Peter Obi’s words: 

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“Let me say this, the country’s problems are difficult and as these may appear to be, they are not unsolvable. The number one area I will focus on as the president if elected is security. This has impacted several key areas. The economy is in worse shape and for you to address that, you have to tackle the security challenges.”

“It is the first thing to look at. It is impacting inflation and several others. If you tackle the insecurity, you can then move to other areas. In the 2023 elections, I’m here to win and that is my commitment. I do not think I will lose; I do not think God will allow me to lose because he knows the suffering of the youth and citizens in this country.”

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