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Peter Obi’s lame attempt at presidency

Peter Obi’s lame attempt at presidency

If the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chooses to zone their Presidential ticket to the southern part of the country, the South East and South Eastern PDP delegates (not noisemakers on Twitter) will not vote, and Peter Obi will not emerge the winner. I mean, if the election holds without anyone spending ONE KOBO, Okwute will still not be a winner.

It is not usually about the wrong notion that Peter Obi does not spend money and other spend money, the current political alignment in the South shows that South East Governors (and their delegates) will rather support Governor Nyesom Wike rather than support Obi who is in their backyard. If the ticket goes to the entire South, Peter Obi will not even come SECOND. 

I know you are asking why, but the truth is that He does not seem to know how to build that alliance. Tell me, which State PDP NWC can you confidently say is behind Peter Obi? How influential is he even in Anambra state PDP politics?

I was telling a friend last week where I mentioned that he (Obi) does not come off friendly to other politicians, even though he does not have to have corrupt dealings with them. It’s important he’s still likeable and friendly with them… It is what it is.

Party politics is beyond the noise we all make on social media, especially twitter. As you are screaming Okwute on Twitter, the people who would cast the real vote do not even remember that he is contesting within their party. He is not part of the conversation. No alliance, no bloc, nothing. Just vibes and Insha Allah.

Peter Obi need to do more to get the attention of more grassroots supporters to gain political clout. He is in a limbo for the next election because all the odds are against him seemingly.

He needs to build alliances within PDP. He is not showing any form of leadership in PDP. Even during that Anambra election, he was a bystander, doing follow follow. He needs to show himself more.

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I honestly think he is a good guy, but he does not have it in him to be the President of Nigeria. He has been a bystander so far like I mentioned. He just does not have it in him.️

If the PDP holds an election today and the rule is that no candidate should spend one kobo (delegates getting nothing), Peter Obi won’t still win. Ask around.

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