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Police sentenced to death for killing driver

Police sentenced to death for killing driver

A high court in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, condemned James Imhalu, a former police officer, to death by hanging for the 2015 slaying of a truck driver who refused to give him N100 in bribe money. 

In her ruling, Justice Elsie Thompson noted that the evidence before the court demonstrated that the firing sergeant had purposefully fired a shot at Legbara David, a commercial driver, near the Whimpey crossroads in Port Harcourt. 

Imhalu was labeled by Justice Thompson as a serial shooter who should not be permitted to continue working as a police officer. 

Kingsley Briggs, a member of the prosecution side’s legal team, claimed that the departed family will find comfort in the verdict. 

“We thank God that today’s judgment has been given. Although the will of justice grinds slowly, surely justice will come. 

“For the family of those that lost their loved one and their breadwinner, it is quite unfortunate, But, I believe this judgment will serve as a succor to the family. 

The lawyer added that he would be taken to the correctional facility first before he is taken to the governor first. He would be put to death following the order if His Excellency signs it. 

The sergeant’s attorney, Mr. Awaji, said on his side that the legal assistance council in Rivers State would analyze the verdict to determine their course of action. 

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“We came into the matter at the point of defense. The state has called numerous witnesses. Today’s judgment, I will say, is justice for the people of Rivers State. 

He said that even though he had represented the defendant, he expected the verdict his client got. 

Awaji added that there is no plan to file an appeal but he would examine the judgment and maybe find a reason to appeal.

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