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Russian Government Asks India for Supplies as It Struggles Under Sanctions.

Russian Government Asks India for Supplies as It Struggles Under Sanctions.

The West’s strict sanctions have currently crippled supplies of certain crucial products in Russia. Airlines have been experiencing an acute shortage of parts because almost all airplanes in the country are foreign-made. Car parts are also in high demand, with global automakers having exited the market.

A source in Russia’s car sales industry had it that the trade ministry had sent a list of car parts needed, to corresponding ministries and state agencies in other countries, including India.

The list of items from Russia, which is nearly 14 pages long, includes car engine parts, bumpers, seatbelts, and infotainment systems.

For aircraft and helicopters, Russia had asked for 41 items which include landing gear components, fuel systems, communication systems, fire extinguishing systems, life jackets, and aviation tires.

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Available on the list were raw materials to manufacture paper, paper bags, and consumer packaging, as materials and equipment to manufacture textiles like yarns and dyes. 

Overall, Russia has reportedly sent India a list of more than 500 products for potential delivery but the further discussion would be needed to agree on specifications and volumes and this supply outreach is not only limited to India.

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