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Sanwo-Olu woos the Ndigbo and seeks continuity

Sanwo-Olu woos the Ndigbo and seeks continuity

To maintain the state’s current level of peace, Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has asked residents to always work to keep Lagos politically stable. At a meeting with the president and chairman of the Ohanaeze Political Forum and the Lagos State chapter of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Solomon Ogbonna, and Chief Chris Ekwilo, respectively, on Sunday at the Lagos House in Marina, Sanwo-Olu appealed. 

Sanwo-spokesman, Olu’s Gboyega Akosile, said this in a statement on Monday under the subject, “Sanwo-Olu to Ndigbo: Let’s remain united for peace and political stability in Lagos.” He argued that who has the greatest interests of the country at heart should be the focus of the general elections in 2023 for inhabitants of Lagos, particularly the Igbo. He asserts that the ideal candidate would be someone who has, through time, developed chances without taking tribal interests into account and provided real opportunities for individuals to prosper, live, and work effectively.

Sanwo-Olu also praised Ohanaeze Ndigbo’s leadership in Lagos, stating that Ogbonna is devoted to his kin and the welfare of the Ndigbo. Speaking at the occasion, Ogbonna thanked Sanwo-Olu for his assistance to Ndigbo in Lagos and assured the governor that Igbo would back his second term because he had kept all of his campaign commitments from 2019. 

Igbo people would strive for Tinubu and Sanwo-triumph Olu in next year’s elections, said Chris Ekwilo, Chairman of the Ohanaeze Political Forum, who hailed Governor Sanwo-Olu as the “best among equals,” adding that everything outside the APC is wasted votes. 

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Sanwo-help Olu’s to Igbo people in Lagos through the Ohanaeze Ndigbo was also praised by Ekwilo, particularly the support he gave them during the COVID-19 epidemic by supplying a lot of relief supplies to lessen the impact of the pandemic on the populace.

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