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Senegal Can Win The 2022 World Cup- Koulibay

Senegal Can Win The 2022 World Cup- Koulibay

Chelsea defender and Senegal Captain, Kalidou Koulibay has stated that the Senegal team can win the 2022  World Cup Game in Qatar.

Never in the history of the World Cup Games has any African country won the World Cup trophy, as none has ever made it past the quarter-finals.

The World Cup officially starts on November 20, as Qatar will face Ecuador in Group A, and Senegal to face the Netherlands the next day.

According to him, The problem with Africans is that they see it as an impossible task to win the World Cup. They are only satisfied with getting past the group stages, instead of setting higher tasks for themselves, this is a trait you’ll never see the white man display.

He further concluded by saying, that it’s high time an African country win the World Cup as we have very talented players

“African nations are lacking self-esteem and self-awareness that they can win a World Cup,” the 31-year-old told BBC Sport Africa.

“We consider that going past the group stage is a good thing, but we should set higher goals for ourselves.

“I don’t think that the French team or the English team are happy with going through the group stages – they want to go further.

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“We should have the same mindset. That’s what I am trying to bring to Senegal.

“I think it’s time that an African country delivers and wins the World Cup because we are a very talented continent. We have great players.”

Bayern Munich forward, Sadio Mane said in an interview, that he doesn’t think that any African country has what it takes to win the World Cup Game.

Do you think that Africa has what it takes to win the world cup?

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