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Seven (7) Signs That Suggests Your Boyfriend Might Be Cheating

Seven (7) Signs That Suggests Your Boyfriend Might Be Cheating

No organ in the body gets engaged in love as the heart does.  Reginald Ho, a cardiac electrophysiologist once described the correlation between the heart and love on this wise that “the brain sends signals to the adrenal gland, which secretes hormones such as adrenaline, epinephrine and norepinephrine and they flow through the blood and cause the heart to beat faster and stronger.

The knowledge of your partner cheating can be extremely painful and physically deadly, as some persons have taken their own life just to rid themselves of the emotional pain and torture. The sweet and lovely emotional high we feel when we are in love can also be deadly when love is betrayed.

That’s why the heart is very delicate and that’s obviously why God created a rib cage to guide it.  If it’s being guided physically you have to guide it emotionally too by making the right decisions and be able to walk out of relationships that have the triggers that would lead to disasters, before you get too emotionally attached.

Here are some  signs to note,  if your boyfriend is cheating or might soon start cheating :

1. Addicted to pornography:

If your boyfriend is addicted to pornography there is a very high chance he would cheat on you; because often what one sees in pornographic videos are one or different men having sex with different women. What we see,  hear, and take interest in, influences how we think and behave.  If he’s a porn addict he would have a hard time sticking and giving his commitment to one woman because the different women he watches are already registered in his mind. It would also corrupt his mind and only see you as a sex object to be used and not as a being to be loved.

2. Secret relationship:

Another sign to note if he’s cheating, is that he keeps you and the relationship secret. He would never post your pictures on his social media page, nor would like to have people see you in open places except in secret places. If a guy truly loves you he would introduce you to people that matter in his life, if that’s not happening you are probably not the one.

Locked phone:

If he’s always leaving your presence to make some calls and has his phone heavily locked with passwords that’s a sign. OK, maybe he doesn’t want intruders to intrude on his privacy but are you an intruder? Ladies listen,  you ought to have the password to your guy’s phone and he should willingly let you know his password if he truly wants to commit and be transparent.

4 Lying:

lying should be one thing you shouldn’t tolerate as a lady and don’t make excuses for him for doing so. If he’s lying for you now he would also lie to you later.  If he’s always telling lies, he would cheat because a liar and a cheat are one.

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5. Past Relationships:

If his past relationships all ended because he cheated, guess what? You might also just end up as statistics.  That’s why before entering any loving relationship, ask questions and try to know about the person’s past and past relationships so that you know who and what you’re dealing with.

6 Bad friends:

If his friends are bad guys who cheat randomly and talk about it, it wouldn’t be long before your guy joins them because it’s said ‘ Show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are and birds of a feather flock together ‘. Try and know his friends, who they are, and what they discuss, that would save you from unnecessary heartache later.

7 Too busy for you:

When a guy always tells you he’s busy and doesn’t have time for you, that’s a code language for saying am no longer interested. I mean no one is too busy for love, even presidents who rule a country are married and have families.  If he doesn’t answer your call,  text, or come to see you, he’s no longer interested and many a time, another girl is on the radar.

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