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Should Wes Moore Be Governor Because He Is Black???

Should Wes Moore Be Governor Because He Is Black???

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I sat in my car contemplating – I needed to get oil for my car. Something caught me between going to Walmart on Putty Hill or the AutoZone down on York road. It was still early on Saturday morning, but both places were open. I made up my mind on Walmart because I could get other stuff for the house at the same time. I was about to head off when I noticed someone standing by my window. It was my neighbor, Ms. Vanilla (not her real name). She needed a ride to work because her usual ride just cancelled on her all of a sudden. I didn’t ask why she didn’t catch the bus – everyone in Maryland knows how crazy it is to catch the bus – and not when you are running late for work, as she claimed. Also, Ms. Vanilla works for the MTA (Maryland Transport Administration.)

It wasn’t a hard decision to take Ms. Vanilla to work – she is that kind of neighbor you love. She keeps our entire block clean.

My car radio was on CSPAN all through the duration of the ride. I love listening to CSPAN. I love listening to a bunch of old Americans who have nothing better to do than sit on their walkers all day long, dialing into whatever show is on CSPAN. They rant continuously until the host gets bored with their shaky voice and cuts them off.

A caller called in from Baltimore saying she was 85 years old and went on a tirade about abortion and how nobody should vote for Wes Moore because he supports abortion. She ended her call by reminding the host that she was black.

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All through her comments, I noticed Ms. Vanilla nodding her head in agreement.

Ms. Vanilla herself should be in her 60s – which makes me wonder why these old people who are way too far into menopause even bother about issues like abortion.

I asked Ms. Vanilla if she wasn’t going to vote for Wes Moore like the caller. She didn’t even let me land the question before yelling, “hell no!”

I said it surprised me because Wes Moore is black, just like her.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if he’s blacker than my hind-part. I am not gonna vote for him,” she said, shaking her head at the same time.

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Just like the CSPAN caller, her reason too was because Wes Moore supports abortion and, as a Christian, she wouldn’t support anyone who supports killing babies.

Before writing this article, I asked close to ten people, all of them black, and all of them hold the same thoughts about Mr. Moore… even the fact that he is a black man, and black people tend to support their own didn’t make them think otherwise.

My question right here is, “are black Marylanders really in support of Wes Moore?” And for those who are, “Should Wes Moore be the governor because he is black or because he is the best and most qualified among the rest of the candidates?”

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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