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Sierra Leone Government Lifts Curfew on Disastrous Anti-Government Protest

Sierra Leone Government Lifts Curfew on Disastrous Anti-Government Protest

The Sierra Leonean government lifted the night curfew imposed on the 10th of August after a deadly anti-government protest.

The violent protest had led to the death of about five police officers and a yet unknown number of civilians. William Fayia Sellu, the head of the police force has stated that some parts of the western part of the capital in Freetown, had been badly affected by the protests.

The police and military on Saturday had visited various small towns in the eastern part of Freetown.

These small towns were where most deaths, body injuries, and property destruction had occurred and it was necessary to check up on the towns to ascertain and assure the locals of their safety. 

President Maada Bio on Friday commented that the protests were not about the high cost of living as some reports claimed, but about individuals wanting to overthrow the government. Additionally, Bio had reported that stricter measures would be imposed in the coming weeks to protect citizens.

On Wednesday, the 10th of August, protests commenced in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, and some other cities on the top high cost of living and other issues like corruption.

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Over 130 people were arrested and reports have alleged that at least 27 people had lost their lives as a result of the protest, including the police. The president added that the August 10 protests were an attempt to overthrow the government.

President Bio, in response to the protests, has reduced the cost of fuel but part of the demands of the demonstrators was to make the president run for re-election for the next year’s elections.

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